conway more bio informationConway Moore ATCL (Recital) is a musician, teacher and a writer. Although he has always been engaged in musical activities of some description it wasn’t until 2003 that he gave up a 25 year career in journalism and marketing to concentrate on teaching and performing full time.

These days, in addition to his solo engagements he is retained as a peripatetic instrumental teacher both by his local Music Service and Stowe School, one of the country’s top independent schools.

Conway was given his first music lesson – on the cornet – at eight years old. Eventually the cornet gave way to the trombone, then pretty well every instrument in his local silver band. He began classical guitar studies in his teens, inspired by such people as José Feliciano, Andres Segovia and countless Hollywood depictions of the romantic guitarist. All of which is reflected in his solo programmes of classical favourites, Spanish rhythms and Brazilian jazz.

Unlike many artists in his position, Conway has learnt the music business as both performer and promoter, having launched and managed an independent World Music record label whose catalogue is still distributed world wide. He is a former employee of Trinity College London, from whom he also has a performance diploma, and as a journalist has written regularly on music for many years.